Tuesday, March 31, 2009

French update #8

I am soooo sad!
Tonight was so hard saying goodbye to everyone =( but I will get to tha at the end of this entry.
Which by the way, this is my last entry until I am home in Seattle, bc no internet in the Hostel =(

The day started with a slideshow of ugly snapshots of each person, and my only picture (solo) looked so gross! haha. It was not too big of a problem since I was given so many compliments on my eye makeup today =) I love doing eye makeup! I plan to buy new shadows in Paris! But after the slideshow, we all found out that we did not have plans for the day anymore, since the castle number 4 plan did not work out. Therefor, we were given a 6 hour shopping day!!!!! I know, it's hard to believe! So we decided to go to a new shopping mall as small groups. It was pretty nice, and I got an adorable white and cream argyle sweater, that is sooooo cute. But that is all I bought, since I am trying to save up for a little spending in Paris.
We started to get hungry, so we all sat down in a cute little pizzeria. It was definitely no Pagliacci, but it was authentic, so what can you say? =)
Besides, it was FREE!! I love when people like to buy me things! haha

Our group wandered around the mall for quite a while, before we decided to hop on a tram to one of the previous castles. On the tram, there are usually little kids who beg for money in their designer jeans.. so I decided that I was sick of people asking me for money. Once one of them walked up to me with his hands out, and put my arm up and started begging HIM for money. I put my open palm in his face, and he rolled his eyes and started getting mad in French. HAHA.

Enjoying the scenery, and in the spirit of Europe, we HAD to grab some gelato! Ceffé for me of course, and Adrienne has rasberry, Collrane had lemon, and Schuyler had mango, which was DELICIOUS by the way. As we were sitting down enjoying France, we noticed a small group of people speaking english, so we asked where they were coming from. We then found out they were pro actors, in France for a play that we were invited to! We got our pictures taken with hem, but later refused the offer to see the play, in order to enjoy a final dinner/ night with my host family.

Before going home, all of the students being hosted, and hosting had a tea party at the high school, which by the way I found out it was a catholic school, so now I can say I went to catholic school! haha. It was pretty fun, but too gross. The group I was xhatting with was making Emily and I do nothing but gag to the thoughts of the nasty tea talk..about puss and nastyness....gross. lol

But once we were home, I enjoyed my first official nap in Nantes. We have had so much family time, which was great, but I was soooo tired. After my half hour power nap, dinner was already on the table waiting to be eaten. Tonight was a fun dinner!
étienne snuck his camera to the table, and snapped pictures of us at our worst times! haha. It was so much fun being able to laugh so hard at the dinner table.
After dinner, Adrienne and I were packing; when all of the sudden érienne popps his head in the door, and drops a manila envelope onto my bed. When I opened it, I smiled SO BIG! He wrote a letter all in english! haha and it was so nice, and I will definitely keep it with other memorabilia from this trip. Also in the envelope, were pictures from the dinner table, and an apology for the poor camera quality! It was so cute!
So I grabbed my camera, and set it up on a timer, and took a few pictures with zaza and étienne =) I hated saying goodbye to zaza bc I will miss her soooo much, but at least she will be able to come visit me in seattle and stay for a couple weeks in October! =D But it was funnier trying to say goodye to étienne since he does not believe in giving hugs, and as americans, it is TRADITION to hug, so we waited for about 20 minutes until he finally gave in =)

I wrote each one of them a nice letter, and left pictures of me, my family, and the prom picture they adored for them to keep so they do not forget my lovely lil face. haha. Tomorrow will truely be a sad day, having to say bye to such a perfect family. =(
I really enjoy it here, and there isn't much about home in Seattle that I enjoy or really lis now. Obviously I miss a couple things.. =) but I can also honestly say I want to live here, and if there were a couple people with me, I would find no reason to ever go back.

Au Revoir Nantes! Now I will be off to aris, to stay in one of the biggest "hot spots" in the world! Not to mention, ONE BLOCK AWAY from the Moulin Rouge!!! Expect pictures for sure.
It was a pleasure blogging, and I will bring lotts of huggs and kisses when I return =)


Monday, March 30, 2009

France update #7

Ouchy! My feet hurt so bad!!! I am normally an expert walking in high helles, but not necissarily when it comes down to walking on cobblestones for the entire day!
Over today was quite pleasant. =)
Adrienne and I woke up with 20 minutes until we had to be out of the hosue or school, and meet up with our classmates, so we had enough time to eat, straighten our hair, brush our teefies, get dressed, and put our faces on. I bought some pretty shade of blue eye liner, hat makes m eyes pop on the bottom when I wear my liquid liner on the top and curve it out for an egyptian shape =) yeah, most girls know what I'm talking about!
Once everyone met up, we all went to the planitarium, and I had that stupid Mettalica (spelling? who cares) song stuck in my head. But only until I fell asleep. Sure it would have been a romantic setting and whatever, but only romantic with Adrienne when she wanted to hold my hand! haha. it was not too big and the chairs did not recline; only letting you see half of the sky. Lame. everyone feel alseep so fast. But the music with the stars was even more epic than the music to a Lord of the Rings movie preveiw, haha. Go look THAT up on YouTube..
Afterwards, it was time for lunch, so me, Adrienne, and Collrane headed back fast to go meet up with Natège and Margeaux; but we were a few minutes late by tram, and they were no where to be seen =( Hopefully we will be able to say be to them tomorrow!
Since lunch was a bust, we decided to stop on the way to the malls at a small sandwich place, and I ate a delicious baguette with ham, butter, and camambert chees. haha reminds me of that adorable little weird sex anime, Oruchuban Ebichu! hahahha. Go look THAT up too =)
During shopping, nothing too nice was catching my interest, which is RARE. see...I love shopping, and with money, I will buy anything. But I only noticed an adorable little teal cardigan, and a nice french leather jacket for super cheap on sale! So in the meantime, I am satistfied =). But we will see what is in "store" for us tomorrow ;)
After being able to head home for about 5 minutes, we quickly changed clothes, and headed out the door again; off to go meet the Mayor of France! We were invited to a cerimony full of fancy foods, wines, and speeches. Oh, and pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. There, I drank my first cup of wine in France! And it honestly got me thinking...you think of it like grape juice, and how cold and refreshing it is. But once you are swallowing it, it is warm with a kick, all the wy into your bladder. So what IS the point of chilling alcohol? It does not change the feeling it gives when it is going down at all, so what is the point? I think the Japanese beat me o this one, by serving HOT SAKE! I think they win. That was just a blurb though =)
After meeting the Mayor, Bénédicte picked up zaza, adrienne, étienne, and myself, and we went home to relaw before supper. I enjoyed my few minutes by playing Crash Bandicoot with Etienne, zaza helped cook as she was asked, and Adrienne laayed down bc she was feeling sick! oh no! But she is better =)
Dinner was AMAZING!!!!! We ate probably one of the best dishes I have ever had in my little life so far! It was delicious chicken in a jasmine rise dish smothered in a sort of yellow curry sauce. YUM. and for after dinner, I enjoyed fruit, nilla ish wafers, and a slice of that up your spirits cake that the girls bakes yesterday =)
I have already taken my shower, finished e-mailing by friends, and called my mom to tell her about my past couple days, and my nose ring. She was happy to know I peirced it; and now she wants to get a matching one =) I love my mom so much!
Oh but a bummer today, I went into my Betsey Johnson bag to grab something, and noticed it was QUITE moist.... LOVE SPELL: everyhwere. My lotion spilled, and it was another sign that I need to buy a new purse. Chocolate Milk, water bottle, and now Love Spell... I have bad luck with keeping purses. Still no luch finding a crocodile pattern bug bag in Taffany's blue =( I will probably cry if I do not find one at on on my vacation!
Well I hope all is well with everyone, and I hope AT&T will let me talk for free with Ethan! Bc I miss him sp much and I do not care at all how many times I have been saying that, it is so true. Its weird not being able to talk to him at all. I mean; I was only allowed to see him two days a week anyways, but this is such a hard thing for me. I hat the feeling of not having a romantic figure with you, you know? To me, love IS oxygen, and I need to breath. I don't like to breath every few weeks, I NEED to breath every day, and every minute. I pray everyone will know this feeling at least once in their lifetimes. I can't think of a greater emotion than Love.

Until tomrrow, which might be my last entry until my arrival in Seattle, due to no lap top at the Hotel...
Hugissies. I will spell that right from now on =)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

France update #6

All of this just got deleted!!!
I wrote sooooo much and I was adding "huggiessies" and for some reason it co,pletely went to another page and none of this was recovered!!! =(
So I doubt this will be as in detail =(. but if you want to know details about so,ething metioned, just reply to this in a comment and let me know which part interests you.

Here I go again:
Oh la la Oh la la!!
Today has been a huge custody battle for Adrienne to stay with us, and leave her host family for good! My family dpes not like her family bc of how they have been treating her. Once we woke up this morning; we went to the dining room to go eat breakfast with the sisters ZaZa and Margo, and we noticed they were on the phone with her family.. it turns out they called our teachers and told them about how the two of us got peircings, even though I am old enough (so it was not a big deal) but Adrienne is not, and her host mom called her actual mom for permission, signed the papers for her, took her to go do it, and even went into the room with her to get it done! And I do not think she mentioned that detail to the teachers.
Then she started calling my host mom a kidnapper! Even thought everyone okayed the siple idea for a sleepover!
My family was really not wanting her to stay there, so we fought for her to stay with us for good, but it was looking as a no. She had to go back later this evening, so me, adrienne and étienne decided to go downtown to see Slumdog Millionaire, and go see the official first day of the Carnival, which was like a big parade with floats and enough confette to fill every ocean in the world!
It was all fun and games until her host family showed up, and started yelling at her infront of me and étienne and said how she does not deserve to be in France, and she should go back to the states! She started crying, and étienne was nice enough to call Bénédicte and tell her so that things could be official and she could stay with us. And now she is!!!!
Soe we are still getting settled in.
Our food was so good today!! We had lamb, bread, pasta, chocolate mousse, and us girls baked a homemade chocolate cake to "lift our spirits!" haha.
So today, I was trying to charge my DS for the train, but it won't work so I need to buy a nez battery! =( Oh well, it will be nice to have two anyways. But once I kept trying and trying and trying to get it to work... It felt like my finger got stuck, my eyes were in the back of my head, and I was moaning in a scary way! The second I was free, Adrienne was laughing asking what the hell I was doing, and I walk out crying and laughing and told her I was just electricuded soooo bad!!!! my finger hurt for hours!! haha. I guess that isn't funny but oh well!
I have been getting better, healh wise, and I am still taking my meds =)

Adrienne just got into the shower, and once she is out, I will need to take one so I can shave all of my little fuzzies and wear my new dress tomorrow!! hehe
I am amso excited to wear the new outfirl I bought with ZaZa and her friend Marine. It is a layered short skirt, and a cute purple capree sweater thing from H&M! I love it hehe.

I also love my readers! I have been happy to know that there have been a few people checking up on my blog even thought they are not subscribers =)

Hopefully tonight Adrienne will want to catch up on reality tv with me!!! hahaha.

until tomorrow, when I am introduced to the mayor of France!! =)


Saturday, March 28, 2009

France update #5

Today has been amazing!!!
I woke up at my own pace and decided to get ready, and part my bangs a new "french" bangs. Once I was done eating breakfast with ZaZa (Isabelle), her older sister and brother came over once again.
I knew it was going to be a good day once Bénédicte arrived and we would go to the market, which was a lot like pike place in Seattle. She bought tons of lamb, veggies, fruits, chesse and bread, and it was so much fun to hang out and help her shop.
After the market, I decided to get dropped off downtown and use the map that Margo, zaza's sister drew me to get to studio 54 (the tattoo shop). I started to walk and get really excited. I had to meet Adrienne there at 1:30 for the meeting about tattoos and what not. I started to get lost, so I asked one of the street vendors for help.
Side note: there was a huge carnival downtown which is like a big street fair as we call it. so all of the shops were outside with people walking everywhere.
So I stopped at one with three Asian girls and one white boy, and the boy offered to walk with me to the shop so I accepted.
He spoke very little english so we mostmy stuck with french. He started asking me what I had planned for my evening, and I told him I might see a movie with my family, and have a friend stay the night.
Side note again: Adrienne was having a hard time with her family and mu host mom invited to have her stay the night and have a better time in France. It was then up to her host mom.
The man who was about 25 seemed bummed that I didn't^plan on going to a discotheque, but I said I kind of wanted dto with my friend. He was happy and decided to wait at the tattoo place with me for Adrienne even thought I said he didn't have to. She never showed up for about an hour and a half later. He had to leave and he kept looking at me like so,ething was going to happen.. then he gave me his phone number and offered to pick me up tonight and said when he gets drunk his english is better, and I would see it later tonight.. then I could get he was about to kiss me goodbye so I stuffed my pizza in my ,outh and he smiled like something was gonna happen tonight and guess who didn't get a phone call?! haha HIM. No one is getting any sort of somethin from me except my Ethan!
So the people at the tattoo place told me that the neck is the worst spot and it doesnt last so I decided I would wait to get my family tattoo at Admiral when I get to Seattle. So I went shopping by myself while waiting for Adrienne to get there, and I bought a cute knit half sweater in red that ties at the belly button, and the perfect hoodie for Ethan!!!! If he does not like it I knoz his roommate Danny will love it!!!! and it is not too baggy on me so maybe I will keep it? haha jk. Ethan BETTER like it!!!!! OR ELSE! but it has really thick stripes in white, DARK blue, ocean blue, and a lighter blueish grey! so i really think he will like it bc it will look perfect with jeans.
After shopping I was like...eff this.. So I went back to the shop ready to get a peircing instead bc I wanted so,ething that would not be 125€! And I saw Adrienne!!! She had just paid for her belly button ring!! And I decided to get my nose studded with a baby diamond and it looks très jolie!! (very pretty) I love it!
after wards, she went home to see if she could stay the night; and I met up with zaza after.
When I was xaiting for her, I was sitting in a big group of teenagers in the chairs, and their friends came up to meet them, and they went around and kissed their friends. I think they thought I was with them bc both boys knealed down, said salut, and then kissed my cheeks. I was like.. umm...okay? and everyone started laughing and I hear them say in french, "she isn't with us!!" and they felt dumb and I laughed haha.
Then shopping with zaza at the street shops, this asian boy about 19 ish noticed I am américaine and he yelled "I LOVE AMERICANS! MY NAME IS THAN? AND I THINK YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!" hahahaha I was laighing so hard. I love feeling so welcome here!

Later when I got home after shopping at H&M with zaza and her friend (bought the cutes outfit!!!) , I talked to the teachers, and the let Adrienne stay the night! My family was so nice to her at dinner! I hope she can stay the rest of the time with us!
Well, we are about to watch a movie on the laptop. And I need to attend to my e-mail =)

write back tomorrow about this time!!!

Huggiessies!!!! xo <3

Friday, March 27, 2009

France update #4

Relaxing: the key word of the day. No harm in that!
I decided to stay home from school, the museum, and the talonsac market. I slept in just a little bit, then Bénédicte (the host mom) took me to the doctor in Nantes. It was an intteresting experience. I sat in the waiting room looking through fashion magazines as usual when I noticed the French taste of fashion; nudity. And often, at that. I am still getting used to seeing vag on billboards!
Once being called into his office, he gave me a check up but it was comlicated at first bc here, they use much different instruments from Americans. In the end, he prescribed me not one, not two, but FOUR medecations! He assured me that by tomorrow morning, I should be fully healed. Let's wait and see!

I returned home alone; bc Bénédicte had to work. Well the maid was there, so not entierly alone. I stayed in bed, had a nice gmail chat with Ethan, made a white fish fillet, and rested some more.
Once I woke up, I decided it was about time for another Death Note dosage! I decided to watch the first live action movie. =)
Once that was finished, I was browsing sites and found out that there will be the unwritten 3rd movie out to theaters in America for two nights only! April 29th, and 30th!!!! Not to mention, there are only 400 theaters showing the film, and my top choice theater is showing both of them! I don't know about any of you, but I sure am going! This movie will be all about L, and his last 23 days of living.
Perhaps in a fez I will start the second movie.

Isabelle is off at a pizzaria with her class, and the parents are both working late tonight, so it doesn't look like there will be a big dinner. Maybe I will have a bowl of Special K red berries for dinner to feel at home =)
My home sickness has gone severely down since yesterday. I was able to talk to my loved ones though. I kind of think everyone at home is actually enjoying the alone time now. Not necessarily in a bad way, but I think the guys are happy to have some free time from hanging out. My dad probably likes having the house to himself, and I bet Ethan is taking advantage of this, not having to give up his two free days to see me. Men need their time, as we women need ours, am I right? =)

I talked to Bénédicte about a tattoo, and she was really on board!! =D she told me she might come with me tomorrow to check out the place and make sure they are steril! I really love the family I am staying with. Hopefully when I get home to Seattle; I could send a personalized thank you gift basket with things I've learned they love from America =)

Alors..I am going to get back to my french soap opera! hehe

Huggissies!!! xo

Thursday, March 26, 2009

France update #3

Today...not so great.
only bc I am sick beyond belief. My cold turned bad, and now I have a busted ear drum. My host mom decided to havz me stay home tomorrow instead of go to class and another museum. She is taking me to the doctor about my ear in the afternoon tomorrow, so I am looking forwards to it.
The weather started off like Seattle so I was happy, but there was so much wind that everyone was shivering until it hurt. It was not all too bad since we were able to sleep on a charter bus for three hours on our way to Mont St. Michel, a beautiful island inhibbited by a large cathedral where monks used to live. It was so beautiful. Très beau.
I was going to go shopping with Isabelle today, but she had a meeting with her teachers =( I hope to go to the mall soon! We might go with Adrienne and Axelle after we are done at the tattoo shop =)
homesickness has started to hit today. Late today. I have been away from home numerous times, so its easy for me to be gone without being to homesick. I think the fact that I AM sick makes me miss my loved ones taking care of me.
I miss foot rubs and watching movies with eachother to chere me up. =( I also regret that I am crying right now thinking about it. It really is all of the little things in life that make you loved, and really cherish your times with one another.
I miss my mom and her advice, and trying to convince her that leggins are pants.
I miss picking on Brent, and bugging him in the mornings. I miss Kenzie and watching her flip pages of her childrens books while watching Barney, or climb onto the furnature. I miss Dani and the long conversations we have about random things every singe morning. And I miss Ethan. I miss cuddling with him, laughing when I try to speak Japanese to him, getting pho with him, and even just talking. I havent been ablz to talk to him. only on weekends =( I miss home.
Ethan I am staying home tomorrow to get better. Please Email with me if you are home.

goodnight. I hope tomorrows entry is more cheery

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

France update #2

salut seattle!!! ..and san fran (^_^)
I am having such an amazing time here. I can here my english becoming weaker, and slower! haha
Las night was not the best.. I kept waking up due to my stuffy nose. It is impossible for me to sleep while breathing through my mouth. I HATE sleeping with my mout open! but anyways, today was my first day in class at Talonsac Lycee. Isabelle and I sat together, but it was a math class so nothing exciting happened.
Afterwards, I met up with the other Americans and we went to another castle. From the looks of the outside, everyone thought it was going to be better than the last...WRONG. the inside was so modernized, and even turned into a museum. No one was enthusiastic during our tour.
Nex we were given an hour to have lunch and meet back for the skate park. First, Asrienne, Collrane, and I got food (I just had a smoothie since I did not feel good) then I looked at a couple bag shops. I did not find any that were must haves though. My goal is to find a purse with a croc skin texture, color MUST be babyblueish turquoise AKA Tiffany's Blue which is my favorite color!!! Also matches my favorite skarf =) but i could not find one today. Then I hung out with Schuyler, Jose, and Tammy inside of shoe stores, and a place called jap town. haha. they had adorable little Hello Kitty stuff!

Once we all left the skatepark, everyone was able to ride on an ENORMOUS elephant!!!
well.....mechanical elephant. haha. I felt like I was in the movie Moulin Rouge, and all I needed was for a romantic guy to serenqde in the moonlit sky with me..man I miss Ethan!

The worst part of my day was coming home, and the 3 hours it took me. I had to get home alone for the first time today, and normally you are suppose to take a bus and a train, but it is not hard to walk. Silly me wanted to walk as I always do, and I got terribly lost. Thank goodness for my host brother, étienne, who was worried enough to venture out on his bike and find me!!

Diner was one of my favorites tonight. It was a traditional dish in the ame family as Rocklette, one of my favorites. Everyone should try it!!!
well I need to take a shower, and phone my mother, then sleep for a big adventure tomorrow!!

hugissies<3 (huggs and kisses...I made that up emailing Ethan today..)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

France Update #1

today was amazing!
first, our group met at le lycee (the high school) and we all went ice skating!! it was the first time i have been that i can remember. i am really not worrying about grammer due to this scrambled keyboard!!
ice skating was so fun and i was able to spin and go backwards! Mark and i tried to help Adrienne by going in a train..but she ended up wide legged sprawled on the ice, then CRAWLED off of the ice! luckily we havz a video hehe. every video and image will be up a few days after we all get home.

after ice skating, we went to a sort of meeting with french teens/young adults, where Adrienne, Tammy and I met two super nice girls about 20 ans (years). one of them works in a tattoo shop and said she will hook us up this saturday!!! i am so excited! we all also exchanged facebooks and emails so hopefully we can go to a discothèque (night club) this weekend. their names were Margo, and Nataje :)

bad news..i think all of the américains are getting sick ! bad! my throat hurts and we hav all been getting shakes and chills. hopefully it will pass fast.
i exchanged pictures of ,y famil with my french family today, and they were in awe over my prom picture of Ethan and I. so cute!

oh how could i forget!!!??? we went to a full on CASTLE today!! inside for a tour and all! they have had in in there family for 1000 generations PLUS! pure royalty. they also became wealthier after inventing the LU brand buiscuts AKA cookies in every store today. famous for those rectangle, rigged edge with the chocolate on it in the shape of a french man! super popular and delicious! The owner said she rents out half of the castle to anyone for special occasions if they make an arangment for 2,000€ a day! so i decided that Ethan and i are starting a wedding fund bc we are getting married at the castle HEHE. donate if you are sweet lol.

well although it is still sunny in seattle, it is past my bedtime here.
i will do update number 2 tomorroz!

Monday, March 23, 2009

When In France!

Alright well it has been ' days living in Nantes, France! The travel took about TWO DAYS to get here, and I have been tired up until now. Sorry if I make any typing errors, bc they keyboard is soooo much different! haha.
the house I am staying in is so nice. 3 sorites, super fancy furnature, park as a backyard, country clubs, and horses!!
I was given the entire downstaires with everything I need. The family is so nice, and they love Americans! hehe yaya!
However.. I am still adjusting to the meals here. there are 4 meals, each with about 4 courses! The food is AMAZING but I keep filling up on the first two courses lol.
I am excited to go shopping soon! I found out there is not a good place to get a tattoo, so I probably wont risk getting one in a bad shop.
today I went to the school for the first time, and everyone was staring hardcore! Adrienne, Collrane, Tammy and I sat in the middle of so many students and thought it was funny how awkward it was. The four of us instqntly cliqued on this trip. I LOVE it. But they served cous cous, which I founf out I do not like -_-
Over the weekend, Isabelle invited ,e to two parties but I was so tired that I decided to stay home and watch Tom Yum Goong in French zith her brother étienne.
so far this trip has been amazing and I will blog any chance I get!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

bon voyage BS!

BS as in blogspot, not BS. well..perhaps goodbye bs too ;)
within just a few hours, I will be boarding a plane to France! Not only am I scared out of my mind! But I am also happy beyond words could express.
I am nervous that the family I will be living with does not speak hardly any English. Although I speak French..it's nice to be able to rely on your native tongue every now and then. And also, what if they aren't very nice? Or our personalities just don't click? Hopefully everything will work out wonderfully, and I will have so much fun with this experience.
Not to mention, the shopping is the one thing that will not leave my mind! I wanted to pack light so I could buy a lot to bring back...but packing light, my bag is STUFFED! What is a girl to do?!. i think I need to re-think my travel wardrobe.. don't you?
I will miss my friends, family, and lover, dearly..they will be on my mind throughout the whole time being gone. But I know once I get home, it will have been worth the wait to see them again.
When I get back, I am excited to go on a double date! Not with who I thought... but with two other people who actually WANT to double date =] It should be better.
In recent news, my friend has returned for a few days from boot camp, before he is stationed in Japan with the Marines. He told me they are paying him 1,500$ monthly, and he was unable to spend any of it. So he treated me to a shopping spree! =D We went to Southcenter Mall, and I bought quite a few items, but my favorite thing that he bought for me is my brand new SET of makeup brushes from Sephora! 60$ brushes and he was more than happy to buy them! AHG I am so happy.
I am hoping that there will be enough room in my luggage to fit gifts for my closest friends! I really want to get Ethan a nice hoodie. And I really want to get Dani something nice too, but I am not sure what. So Dani, if you are reading this, please e-mail me an idea! But I think I have a pretty good idea. I won't say bc it would be really sentimental, and I want it to be a surprise. I only want to get my self a tattoo, and a purse. probably jewelry too though.
The tattoo I hope to get will be on the side of my neck (on my pulse) and it will mean "follow your heart" in french. Literally translated as "listen to your heart", but context wouldn't be correct if you write "follow". (here is what it would look like...) "écoutez votre cœur"
I am really hoping that everyone is doing well! Keep me updated by BS or e-mail at any time! =]
that's all for now.

ps: help me think of a closing slogan to use! something good though...not weird. haha

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fed Up

well well Blogspot..this is my final venting sesh on someone who deserves nothing. At this point, I don't care whatsoever what people might say about me. Call it pathetic, but I call it PISSED. Enjoy. Maybe sometime soon I will find a new bestfriend and forget about you for good. Someone who actually enjoys the good time, like when we were all kids. Best time of my life, if you ask me.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A little some-m some-m

Well it has been quite some time since my last post on Blogspot.
Unfortunately, I have no followers who look forwards to reading something new.
I am not too disappointed, considering none of my friends have an account on this site. Hopefully someone will stumble across my postings and choose to KIP with me =]
I officially have 11, almost 10 days until I am leaving to attend high school in FRANCE. Not only am I thrilled beyond believe, because it is my DREAM city, and I speak the language, but I am also frightened of feeling alone. What if the people I am staying with do not like me? What if I get too homesick? I understand it will be hard leaving behind the people I love for a short period of time, but part of me feels a bit better about leaving, since someone dear to my heart is not hessitant at all about leaving for an entire summer. And I thought 3 weeks would be hard enough! But MONTHS? I'm puzzled how easy it is for them to want to be gone for so long.. but then again, this is typical. For I am only a girl. A sensitive girl, at that. Part of me does not want to think about anyone I will be leaving behind when I am gone, only to make me feel better, knowing that some day in the partial near future, they will not be thinking of what is left behind in such a city feeling empty and un-like home.
Maybe someday, I will find a home in France.. it seems as if all of my closest friends live hundreds of miles away from me anyways, so maybe I would enjoy life more if I were surrounded by people who could get closer to me. I don't know why it has been so hard for me to keep friendships here in Seattle. I know I am a good friend. I care more than most feel is possible. Hell, I even care so much about the people I should want to hurt. It is so hard for me to actually be mean. Sure, it is easy when something is bothering me, but when something is actually said to someone by me, I feel a tremendous overwhelming feel of guilt.
For once I wish someone who shares interest with me would come out and tell me they think I am a good person, and would want to hang out sometime, and actually follow through with it. I just want to shop, and try different makeup looks and have dorky photo shoots together while laughing hard at a movie and driving around on pointless adventures. I don't want to live a boring life. I want more than one person to turn too. I need a friend. A real, genuine friend. How do I find one? I lost the only one I had to someone who they can drink their problems away with. That's not me. I have tried myspace, but the nice people either never reveal themselves to anyone, or live oh so far.
On a better note, I fell in love with a "note"; Death Note. From episode one, I am hooked. ahh..the suspense eats at you ferociously, and you can not help but let it. sure, it's in one of the most annoying languages known to my ears..Japanese..and you have to read it..but it is soooooo good, I can not stop paying close attention. I'm eating it, drinking it all in..and I love the taste. I encourage everyone to begin watching this series!
And my fingernails are starting to grow back! I plan to keep them untouched until I leave for France, so they will be long and healthy. Then I will probably make a new patter for them. Nail polish is a simple passion of mine. I currently have cheetah print nails! Hopefully soon I will get to go pick out new colors..NEON colors. I love my nails to stand out. My next paint job will be to make them match my new LOVELY jacket!! [picture up soonish?] I bought it at H&M and it has so many bright colorful plaid-ish squares.
Well, until next time..possible tomorrow. Hopefully some followers soon?
Au Revoir