Tuesday, July 7, 2009

China Glaze Craze

Hello all!

Recently I have been searching for new nail polish. I love to constantly have my nails painted, and I love to use fun colors and/or make neat patterns or designs.
But lately my colors have been dull since they all became goopy =[

Finally my search has come to an end with China Glaze. Here is the final result:

I love how shiny and bold the colors are.

To get this look: Start by applying the first coat, 'Sex in the City' 1.
Then apply a coat of 'Turned up Turquoise (Neon)' 2. Finally, take a tooth pick and dip into the final color, 'White on White' 3. make a small dot sequence along where your french tips would start, and tada! Now it's an underwater color scheme with a line of pearls! haha. Or something like it.

xox, Air