Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

and here is the card he wrote me. =] (enter in a new tab/window, then click for a large full view)

I hope everyone had an amazing valentine's day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Reply. Let's make it public.

Well weather I had a bad experience or not, I think it's stupid. That's not why I'm "different" than you. But yeah, I think ti's stupid, that doesn't mean I was ever mad at you for it. at alllll. all of my friends are into that pretty much and I don't care at all. If I were mad at friends if they would drink on their own time, I would be mad at just about everyone. I like being the one to look after my friends when they are drunk. I think people should be happier to know they have a friend who won't drink their booze, and they WILL look after them. I was only mad at you bc it's such a stab in the back to know how you were the first friend I ever had/V.V, and we would always call each other BFFs.."NUMBER ONE BESTIE FOR LIFE YO" as you put in my phone, and always number one no matter what. And NOW you have someone ELSE to say that to. isn't number one suppose to mean number one? If I was so down with drinking like your new friends are would we still be "besties". it effing SUCKS seeing how fast and easily you have a new best friend and chose her over me, and would stick up for her and RUIN the first friend you ever had to stand up for this new chick. I have tried to hear your side, but nothing will change how s*itty this feels. you think I don't miss how things were?! It's pretty much all I think about; how i don't have a best friend. simple.

weight watchers?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Friends..or the lack of..

But for the friends I do have, I love you all so much. Nicole, you are seriously so amazing, and it's so weird how we became friends bc my boyfriend was cheating on me with a million of your friends! haha. Every time I go to the VAG tree, I think of you. Well..and Steven I guess bc he TORCHED our names into it LOL. But I love you, and we need more hockey!
Andie, also you were best friends with the girlfriend after me! hahahaha. coincidence? Well I eally haven't met anyone as down to earth as you are. I am so happy we are friends. We relate in so many ways.
Dani, we HATED eachother for EVERRRR. That just goes to show that no matter your rtelationship with someone, you will always be growing and [hopefully] becoming more mature, as did WE. And I'm really happy we were able to grow into such good friends. I feel better from talking to you. Even if what you tell me won't help the situation, it's really nice having you to talk to.
HAlly?! teehee. Do you know how good it feels to have a friend who is in love with TWO men, like I am?! ahem, BOYFRIENDS and CHRIST. Like..it relaly feels good to have a friend with such a positive influence on me, and I'm glad it's you. =] Just SEEING you smile can cheer me up. I don't think anyone has a smile like you on this planet. Every emotion shines through when you laugh and it cheers me up seeing someone I care about being so happy.
A to the RIENNE!! My little RENNY!!! I can not even tell you how fun it is to be around you. I get so pissed off when people call you a bitch or whatever bc they don't know you at all. You are so crazy and fun! I love dancing around in your car and singing to Cascada! Adrienne..everytime WE touch..is amazing. ;D haha. France will be so great with you.

I love you guys.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hello There

So..I gave in.
Trust me, I did NOT want to make another blog spot account.
Truth is, I have an amazing journal/diary..BUT i never remember to pull it off of my cubby. I am online way more often. Also, I had originally planned to create my very own website thanks to a friend of mine who has about a bazillion personal websites. This website I was going to make would be a personally diary for myself, and others could view it, as well as write comments to it, AND the videos I would post. I also wanted to have a live streaming video where I could give advice to the anonymous comments people might leave. To my misfortune, I do not feel like paying $10 a year towards a website. [No, I'm not Jewish, but I do like my money]
Some of my close friends understand why I was so hesitant to make a blogspot. If you are the least bit curious, I will gladly let you know! I have absolutely nothing to hide.
My upcoming blogs will be about my personal life, opinions, and sticky situations. And probably random videos.
Hopefully I will have a video to show from Valentine's day which is THIS SATURDAY!

Well, I have chores to attend, and homework to complete.
Stay tuned and follow my blog if you would like! =]

Au Revoir!