Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yoga Diary pt. 2

So today is my second day of yoga training.
My old gym teacher Mr. Foster always made us work out our abs one day, then legs/arms the next. He continued this routine, and told me it is not smart to work the same muscles day by day.
So I decided to try to focus my yoga workout on my abdominal core today.
I worked to this pose shown below:

I overslept a couple of hours once I got home today from the senior luncheon. =|
I hate napping for more than 2 hours at all. I feel like my day has been wasted. Even though it wasn't bad today since school was technically out at 11:35 for seniors.
The luncheon unfortunately was LAME. it was too hectic in order to stand in line for 30 minutes in order to get ONE hot dog. Everything was out. Luckily I live almost next door to Lincoln Park so I was able to go home and eat.

Once I woke up from my too long of a nap, I decided to attend to my new yoga habits.
This lead me to realize that my muscles have contracted majorly while I was sleeping. Is this normal?? Feel free to let me know!
But I found myself to be more UNflexible than my first day!
I stretched for a while, then I moved up to the poses and held each for a 30 second time period. I continued this sequence for 3 reps of a 30 second statue.

It has been two days and each time I finish my workout, I am SO relaxed!

if you would like to start a yoga journey with me, or if you are an experienced yoga master looking for a workout buddy, give me a call!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Yoga Diary. pt.1

So recently I have had a goal set in mind for myself.
This goal is for myself, and myself only.
I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.
I want to feel confident with my body.
No person should feel like it is a crime to look at themselves in the mirror when naked.

So my goal for myself is to love myself Naked. 100% natural.
I feel like I need confidence in myself, and what better way to do that than loving my own body first.

The solution?
I am going to try yoga for the first time.
I mean, I have done a pose or two with my grandma before, but I want to try to commit to this. There is no better habit than bettering yourself. (hehe I like that quote, I just made it)

So this is my day one of yoga.
I want to start with at least a half an hour a day until I start adjusting to the feel of it.

I have just finished my first half hour. Since it is so early in the day, perhaps I will find time later on as well.
Today I worked on my legs With help from yogajournal.com

There are key areas I feel I need to work on in order to love my body.

If anyone finds this to be an interesting read, feel free to follow my blogs by entering your email after you click the "follow" button. Feel free to comment even if you are not a subscriber, if you'd like!
I would love some advice from anyone, or if anyone would like to join me in my yoga quest.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fish Printing!

So it has been an awful long time since my last post.
Truth be told, I have been waiting on help from Ethan to get the correct song format so I can finally publish my France video onto blogspot. It's been done for quite some time.
But in the mean time! I quickly put together a video from yesterday in my Marine Science class as scool. Literally, this took me about 4 minutes. HAHA.

Enjoy =]
(the video is having trouble uploading..and I have to leave out of town in a minute. I will fix this later)

And here are the other final product paintings ^_^

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Counting down. and a few random side notes.

school is almost over! yippie!!
we have about 23? ish days left of our senior year! I can't wait to be finished with this so I can start off college and make my future =]

Lately I have been feeling pretty sick, and I'm not too sure why. I hope it's not the swine flu!!
But I've been really dizzy in cold sweats and my head has been throbbing, my body has been KILLING me with muscle pains, and my tummy has been feeling nausious. this is no good =[
Hopefully it's nothign to worry about though =]

I am at Ethan's house right now, and I have been waiting for him to get up and shower so I can start the day! Yesterday was loads of fun, even though he accidentally over slept and we couldn't make it to the aquarium. We went to the beach, ate pho, went to my school music cal, then took the bus to his house.
As we were sleeping last night, his arm kind of "freaked out" and he swung his asleep fist straight into my eye -_- I now have a small BLACK eye -_#
no fun. now it just looks like my purple eye shadows have been smudged everywhere!

hmm just a note, I really miss not having problems with anyone. there are a couple people who seem to really hate me, and i just wish i knew one of the people's reasoning, and i wish the other would just give up fighting. I hate fighting, and I have been ready to throw in the towel and be civilized for this one guy. I just want everyone to get along. No awkwardness. not a friendship, but no hatred, or anger, or rudeness. just..civil. I can if they can =]

well it's MOTHER'S DAY!!!
I hope everyone is really treating their moms right now!!
let me know what everyone did for their mom's today =]
I made my mom a coffee mug in ceramics and it looks mighty fine if you ask me! =D it's white and it was suppose to be a cheesy one that says number one mom..but the glaze would have ran and it wouldn't have looked very good =[
but at least she still liked it!!
We are going to a big family dinner tonight, so I hope that it's all fun!

I just notivved that my "I's" are randomly capitalized...oh wel, it's just a blog page. no grade for this =]

have a great day everyone!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

ma ma ma MAKEUP

So right now I am very excited because I just purchased something I have been needing for quite some time!

are you ready?
my new makeup pallet!!!

I have been waiting for ebay to have this for super cheap and I finally found one!
It was a bit more expensive than I thought because it is shipping from Australia..but it is still only $20 and I have that in my piggy bank =]

here is a picture!

That's right, 120 shades of matte and shimmer colors.
I am so excited!

Now I just need to figure out the exact look I want to try and achieve for my prom this year.
I can't wait to do my friends' makeup even more now!

So I am thinking as soon as school becomes a bit easier, I need to bust my butt to find a job. I need money!

If anyone knows of anywhere I could try? That would be so helpful. I'm thinking once summer hits I wouldn't mind busing throughout the week to the mall and maybe even work at Sephora or MAC. That would be WONDERFUL.
Or even Sanrio =]

Well I have a lot on my mind right now, and I don't feel like having everyone read about since my blogs are being posted on facebook for some reason..?
If anyone knows how I can control which blogs are posted on facebook please let me know!