Monday, June 22, 2009

I have been bitten..

That's right..
I, Arielle, have fallen under the girlie spell known as Twilight.

To my surprise, I have grown greatly attached to the story line.
At first, I was one of about two people of all my friends at school whom refused to read or even watch the nonsense. Until my mother forced me to watch the movie with her, haha.
Since it was better than I thought it would be, I decided to give the read a try as well. Even though I pretty much hate reading with a passion. Books, that is.

Once I finished the first book, *Twilight, I made up my mind that I should probably continue. The read was easy, and it held my attention. Having seen the movie before reading, it was easier to maintain an understanding of the characters, and their personalities.

Next up was the 2nd book titled, *New Moon. This book so far is probably my favorite since it was full of romance, and love triangles. Super dramatic, and kept me smiling, waiting to turn the page and hear what perfect romance was goin' down next, haha.

*Eclipse however, not my favorite. Probably my least favorite. still good though! There was just too much backtracking and putting puzzle pieces together. Of course it was needed, but I was too caught up with the present, that I didn't care as much to read about myths. But it had a really intense fight, and it will make for a great movie.

NOW! I am still reading the final book, *Breaking Dawn. Let me just say, this has been about everyone's favorite book, and I could easily see why! This movie will be epic to watch..although it might be rated R..maybe even higher.. haha. But it was not at all what I was expecting! I am a little bummed so far..but I have hardly 200 pages to go! I am very excited to read what will happen with all of the crazy-ness going on!

I strongly suggest you read this =]

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